Choker Ideas

Choker necklaces are making a huge comeback in 2016. They were popular in the 90’s and are currently what most celebrities are into. This necklace trend is chic and complements most outfits beautifully. What I love most about the choker is how it’s pretty easy to make them on your own. Here are a few… Continue reading Choker Ideas


Fluffy Kinky

I’ve always been unlucky when it comes to getting my hair done well here in Eldoret. Whoever came up with the idea of crochet braiding is a Godsend. She/he has saved us(women) a lot of hassle, now I can do my hair on my own and just stop complaining everytime about my hair. Crochet braiding… Continue reading Fluffy Kinky


Polished Phone Cover

I have bottles of nail polish that I’ve not used for almost a year now. The other day while arranging my drawer I needed to get rid of some things, one of them being nail polish that is has been drying up. But wait, I wasn’t ready to throw away my bottles of nail polish… Continue reading Polished Phone Cover


The Waterfall Sweater(5 Ways)

The beauty of having an outfit with multi ways of styling it, is that it can be worn for all kinds of occasions and can easily be worn with many other different outfits.  Today I show you how to style the waterfall Sweater in five ways. The sweater is light, simple and stylish. Some of… Continue reading The Waterfall Sweater(5 Ways)