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“There is nothing more profoundly stylish and relaxing than wearing a man’s loose shirt on a skinny pant with a pair of sneakers.”

Happy New Month! Is it just me or October felt like a minute?

As a woman, we often fall short of what to wear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up and look good. How about raiding his wardrobe as an incredible solution. His wardrobe has minimal and essential outfits. It could be a; watch, shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, denim jacket,  loose fitting denim jeans (boyfriend jeans), hoodie, blazer, bomber jacket, canvas sneakers or timberland boots. Pick something you like and get creative.

It doesn’t have to be Bae’s wardrobe, you could also get some chic pieces from your brother, cousin or even that BFF. Alternatively, you could shop from the men’s section.

Today’s style inspiration is a man’s shirt. It’s simple and versatile. You can wear it partly tucked in, crooked, rolled up sleeves, or under a crewneck sweater. A little guy’s style is effortless yet chic, don’t be afraid to try it.

Photography by Onchangwa.

Outfit Details.

Shirt- His.

Bowtie- DIY Here.

Jeans- Mabs Mkt.

Handbag- Random Vendor in Eld.

Canvas- Random Vendor in Eld

Lippie- L.A Girls, Matte.


Thank you for stopping by. Till next time, Toodles!




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