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What if the weekend had the same number of days as the weekday? Sometimes the weekend feels so small, it ends so quickly without even noticing or getting to do much. There are mornings I wake up and just wish we could skip the working days and get into Saturday. 

Friday is no doubt the best day of the week, it means the end of a long and tough week. Friday ushers in the weekend, while for some of us weekend starts early. The burst of energy and excitement on waking up to a Friday is quite inexplicable.

Friday for me is a Yay, no classes, having the whole day to myself and no pressure. It is on Friday that I also get to be spontaneous with my outfits.

Enjoy your weekend, go out, have fun, spend time with your loved ones and don’t focus on how short the weekend is. Soon it will be Monday again, you might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Photography by Onchangwa.

outfit Details.

Cap- Random Vendor In Eld.

T-shirt- Mabs.

Jeans- Thrifted.

Ngomaz- Bata.

Handbag- Random Vendor In Eld.

Maasai Choker- Maasai Mkt.

Thank you for stopping by. Till next time, Toodles!



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