Choker Ideas

Choker necklaces are making a huge comeback in 2016. They were popular in the 90’s and are currently what most celebrities are into. This necklace trend is chic and complements most outfits beautifully. What I love most about the choker is how it’s pretty easy to make them on your own.

Here are a few chokers I made from scrach in less than 20 minutes.

Denim Choker.

First I measured my neck size using a tape measure. I then cut out a piece of denim from an old denim jacket that I had stopped wearing. Then sewed velcron onto it’s ends so as to join the left and right part at the back. Using a seam reaper I frayed the lower part of the choker to give it an edgy statement. It can be worn in two ways.

Suade Choker.

 This one included no sewing. I only used a strip of suade that I had bought from River Rd, Nairobi. The longer it is the more ways of tying it you have.

Leather Choker.

 For this one I used a piece of faux leather and a love shape button. It can be worn in two ways. The button can go at the back of the neck or in front as a detail.

It can work well with almost every neckline, just as the suade and the leather choker.

Layered Choker.

 This is a piece of stretchy material that I cut out from the hemline of a dress that I had stopped wearing. I added a pendant to give it a chic detail. It works well with a plunging neckline.

Tips: Highlight your choker with beads and pendants, especially if you are going for a boho look. Layer your chocker with other simple necklaces.

Which choker is your favorite?

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