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As a blogger, I’ve oftenly been mistaken to be that woman who wears heels everyday. I remember once a male friend of mine asked how I manage to walk in heels everyday and not feel tired. Well, my friend it’s tiring and I don’t wear heels every time. However, I do appreciate the concern. Today I’m setting the record straight and sharing a secret.

What most of you didn’t know is that I wear heels on specific occasions. Like when I have a photoshoot, when I have a personal ride and when I’m heading to a fancy event. I always do carry a pair of doll shoes in my handbag and switch between flats and heels through the day.

An important painful lesson I’ve learnt over the months is always consider the location of where you are going before picking a pair of shoes to wear. It will be excruciating to be invited to a hilly place, wearing heels simply cause you didn’t know long walks will be part of the adventure. Always seek to know about where you are going and what the event is about. I’ve been to an event where we stood the whole time, there were no seats thank God I was in low-wedges.

My means of transport also plays a role in considering which type of shoes to wear. When I’m using public service vehicles I definitely wear flat shoes. One can never tell where the matatu will decide it’s last drop off point(Mwisho). It could be downtown, where it’s quite a hassle to walk in heels.

Bottom line is always ensure you are comfortable in the type of shoe you are wearing. Flat shoes are as much stylish as heels may be, especially sneakers.

Do not be afraid to change those heels for flats when your feet are hurting. Don’t be so hard on your back and feet walking in 6inch heels around town running errands unless you want to look like a zombie. Instead of putting your feet through that torture go for kitten heels or low-heeled shoes and never forget to carry a pair of doll shoes.

Feel Good! Look Good!





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Black Bodysuit ~ Mabs.

Skirt – Ngara Mkt.

Doll shoes ~ Local Mkt.

Handbag ~ Friend’s.

Rings,Earings ~ Dubois Rd.

Necklace ~ Own (DIY).



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