Over The Knee Boots (2ways)


That moment when you realize you can wear your pair of shoes in two different ways without people noticing it’s the same pair.

Turns out I can wear my over the knee boots in two ways. One as over the knee boots and two as knee high boots by folding on top.


What I love most about this discovery is that the inner side of the boots is animal print, which gives them that chic detail when folded.

You know how sometimes long suede boots lack stability and as you walk you have to keep pulling them up? Well, with the folding style, the boots are kept in place.

I wore my Over Knee Boots with an oversized sweater and beanie.





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Beanie ~ Gikomba Mkt.
Sweater ~ Gikomba Mkt.
Tights ~ Local Market.
Boots ~ Gikomba Mkt.
Ring ~ Dubois Rd.

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