How To Highlight Your Look


There are so many ways to highlight a simple look. It could be that quick thin line outlining your eyelids that makes your eyes pop out beautifully, or those stunning smokey eyes that people can’t stop staring at, or that thick draw of your eyebrows that makes you standout.

Apart from your eyes here are a few more tips on how to highlight your look effortlessly.

– A detailed handbag quickly catches the attention of onlookers as well as compliments an outfit. But don’t overdo it by mixing up too many colors otherwise the handbag will loose it’s purpose, as people will concentrate more on the too many colors you are wearing.

– Pick the right shoe for the right outfit for the right occasion. Imagine walking into a fancy dinner party wearing a figure hugging dress with a pair of sneakers. You’ll most certainly look lost at the party. Throw a pair of platform heels to highlight the dress. It’s even better that there are heels as low as 2-inch. If you don’t feel comfortable about high heels keep it low and still sexy.

– Work your wear with slits and cut-outs especially when wearing plain colored dresses. Slits and cut-out add a touch of elegance and give your look a whole new feel.

– Prints are you best friend. It could be a printed outfit, shoes or bag. Prints complete a dull look and give it that chic touch. Keep it at one print at a time to avoid getting confused while dressing up. If you are good at mixing prints have fun with it.

– Try working solid colors. Solid colors are exciting and appealing. They add vibrance to a boring look. Solid colors can be used in place of prints. Work one solid color at a time and with neutrals.

– Play with textures and structures. It could a fur coat or vest coat that gives you that stunning look. How about denim shirts or colored coats, they most definitely give that fine finishing. The simplest way to work textures and structures is to wear them with neutrals and simple make-up.

– Wear a belt but not all the time. You know that feeling after dressing up when you feel something is missing out? Well if it’s not a bangle it’s a belt. Belts can polish up a look and give an outfit a new vibe.

– Accessorize. It could be mirrored sunnies or cat-eye sunglasses that highlight your look or a hat. Add statement necklaces where need be for that edgy look. Outfits that are embellished do not need much accessories. Watches are easy to add on to your daily wear, noticeable and stylish. Rings also do the magic. Do minimal accessories and don’t forget to wear earings.

– Keep calm and wear lipstick. Look for lipstick that works well with your skin tone. It could be Russian Red, Ruby Red or Rose Red. A shade of lipstick can give your look that oomph it deserves.

– Style your hair. A simple well done ponytail can make you look adorable while creative braiding can make you look edgy and sophisticated. If you gonna let your hair down then use some hairspray on it. Hairspray gives hair that silky smooth look which is attractive. Besides everyone loves hair that smells nice.

However, don’t take in all the tips at once. Avoid looking like a circus, pick at most three tips at a time.

Do minimal make-up and wear more confidence.







Denim Jacket – Kware Mkt.
Stripped Vest – Giks.
White skirt – Old.
Shoes – Adams Arcade.
Sunnies And Rings – Dubois Rd.



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