The Satchel Bag


Somehow thrift markets always have a way of knowing what’s trending and what’s not. Trends further dictate prices of items and outfits. The other day while I was at Gikomba, I noticed that the price of satchel bags is twice the usual price. When I asked why the vendor giggled and said ‘madam izi ndo the in thing sahi’ (they are in vogue and demand).

Months ago no much attention were paid to these bags and I could buy 3 of them without feeling a pinch. The situation has changed. First finding even one is hectic, if you manage to get to the market by 7a.m you might get lucky. The price for one is what used to be the price for three, unless you know your way around bargaining like me (one of my best talents).

For some reason the satchel bag is trending and if you haven’t yet got yourself one you should. The satchel bag gives that professional look with a touch of glamour and elegance.

The satchel bag is unisex, almost as if it is a simpler and stylish version of a briefcase. It is designed so beautifully with an expansive space, one can fit books, documents and a laptop in it without looking disorganized.

Another interesting thing about this type of bag is the handles, especially if the shoulder handle is detachable. For a relaxed look you can carry it across the shoulder while for a professional look the short handle comes in handy.

When buying a satchel bag look out for it’s thickness, exciting details and the feel of it’s fabric(preferably heavy leather with a fine finishing). Satchel bags are mostly in neutral colors but that doesn’t mean you should forego your adventurous side with colors. If you get a bright colored one, even better, have fun with it.

I styled my satchel bag with a mini-lace dress, long coral coat and a pair of oxfords.




Note: Sometimes the satchel bag is referred to as the messenger bag. People tend to confuse the two because of their similarities.
However, here are a few distinctions, the satchel bag is more structured with a flat bottom unlike the messenger bag. While the satchel bag has a top handle the messenger bag has only one handle (cross body).

Coat – Random Vendor in Eld.
Dress – Giks.
Oxfords – Ngara Mkt.
Satchel Bag – Giks.
Ring – Dubois Rd.



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