Denim x Denim (Over-The-Knee)


It’s about that time I announce the winner of our 1st Giveaway. Claire McDonnell gets the Aztec Dress. Details of how to get your dress will be communicated to you soon. Thank you for all those of who participated. If you were not lucky this time, don worry more Giveaways will be up on the blog. What would you like me to Giveaway next?

Clothes are like words. Semantic change is similar to how we keep changing the way we wear certain outfits. Awful—Originally meant “inspiring wonder (or fear)”, and used as a short form for “full of awe”, today the word usually has negative meaning. In the 14th century, Nice used to mean “silly, foolish, simple.” Far from the compliment it is today.
Denim On Denim was unheard of. It was seemed as an impossible look to pull and sort of unacceptable in the fashion and style industry. Currently it’s a huge trend. A trend that doesn’t seem impossible anymore. Who would have thought that one can actually wear three denim pieces at once and it becomes fashion forward.

It’s not just the denim. The chiondo is a traditional hand-woven bag that people looked down upon and set it aside for the farm and market or rather for our grannies. Today the chiondo is in vogue carried by everyone in town just like any other handbag.

Today something might be disregarded tommorow it may be trending with a whole new concept which is not different from yesterday.






To my denim on denim look I decided to add warm layers. The sweater top and over the knee boots for that fuzzy-comfy feeling.



Photography by Fred – 0710 432421.

Sweater Top – Gifted.
Denim Jacket – Kware Mkt.
Denim Pants – Giks.
Over-The-Knee boots – Giks.
Rings – Dubois Rd.
Coin Necklace – DIY(Here)
Tote Bag – DIY(Here)

Thank You for stopping by. Have a great week, Toodles!


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