The Aztec Dress (1st Giveaway)


I’ve had this dress for as long as I could remember. Honestly, it’s the first time I’m wearing it, it’s been in the closet all this time . Its one of my favorite dresses. I kept it in awaiting a fancy occasion for it never felt right to wear it just to any event.

 The longer I kept it in my closet trying to convince myself that special occasion is coming soon, the more it was clear that I wasn’t going to wear it and that I’m becoming a hoarder.

I’ve finally come to terms with the reality that I’m not going to be wearing this dress anytime next week or next month. There’s someone out there who needs it more than me. 




This is one of my best shoots. The ensemble of the bench curving with the dress turned out just as I had in mind. Not forgetting how Fred kept cracking jokes all through the shoot. I’ve never laughed this much during a shoot. Thank you Fred for capturing every moment of it.






Photography by Fred – 0710 432421

To win this Giveaway, Follow the instructions.

1. Like Moda Explotitudor on Facebook, Here. 
2. Find a Giveaway post with instructions together with a photo.

3. Comment below the photo, letting me know why you want the dress.

4. Invite your friends to like your comment.

5. Comment with the most likes wins. 

This giveaway will run on Facebook only and is open to anyone residing across Kenya. Winner to be announced on Friday. May the best man/woman win.

Thank you for stopping by, Toodles.


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