It’s a month with lots of changes going on. Decided to change things up on the blog with a new theme and design. The new design is aimed at being convenient to you. Posts are now arranged in categories, dropping down from pages on top of the blog, hence you can easily find and click on a particular post you are interested in.

I wanted to make the new design as simple and unique as possible to meet your needs as you visit the site. I’m still working on a few things, and making more changes on my social media sites.
This month’s focus is also about putting on the ‘forgotten’ outfits, that I haven’t worn for over two months and giving out items that I bought and never found the need to use. I have been hoarding staff and it’s about time I stop this habit. I have bought so many shoes and clothes that I haven’t worn for over a year now.
Some are still new, some don’t fit anymore, others I just don’t know why I bought them in the first place. Expect lotsa Giveaways.
I’m wearing a black sequined top with a cream long skirt that has a thigh high slit, and platform heels. This look is made up of items that I haven’t worn for like 3months. A dinner date/party would be just fine for this look.

Red carpet inspired hairstyle.





There’s a lot of good staff in our closets that we don’t put to good
use. That’s why we always find ourselves saying, ‘I have nothing to wear’.




Skirt – Kware Mkt.
Top – Kware Mkt.
Shoes – B.S.
Fold Over Clutch bag – DIY(Here).

Photography by Fred – 0710 432421


Thank you for stopping by. Toodles!


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