Tote Bag (DIY)


A tote bag is a large bag usually with an open top and double handle. Tote bag are not only simple but have a combined feature of chic and functionality. Making a tote bag is easy and here’s how I made mine

You Need:

-Tape Measure.
– Fabric.
– Scissors.
– Thread & Needle.
– Studs (not a must).

Step 1.
Measure you fabric to a desired length and width. Using a scissors cut out the size you’ll be needing. I used 21cm and 15cm, length and width respectively.

Step 2.
Using a thread and needle, close up the openings of the fabric by sewing the edges together. Sew on the inside part of the fabric.
Leave the top of your tote bag open and fold the edge and sew to give a fine finishing.

Step 3.
Measure and cut the size of your handle then fold the edges and sew.

Step 4.
Stitch the handles on the tote bag.
You may highlight your tote bag by stitching a button on it or pinning studs on it like I did.

Instead of sewing you can also use fabric glue. However, sewing is much better if you’ll be using your tote bag oftenly.

This type of bag is efficient in the sense that you can use it in so many ways at a minimum expense. You can carry your books in it when heading to class. Go shopping with it. You can even carry it to the office with all your staff fitting in it.
Not forgetting the interesting part. You can carry your tote bag in two different ways. As a handbag and as a fold over clutch bag.

Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely Tuesday. Toodles!



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