Happy Easter!
Isn’t this the best public holiday 😄 We got to have 4 days weekend and 4 working days, which meant more time to rest from work pressure. C’mmon weekend of two days has never been enough, I bet there’s no one who wasn’t psyched about Easter. However, hope you didn’t forget the real meaning of Easter as you celebrate your long weekend.

While most of you might have travelled, I decided to stay indoors. It wasn’t as boring as you may tend to think for I had made plans. Apart from the usual house chores, here’s how I’ve been spending my Easter.

1. Watching series. The GoodWife to be precise. This series reminds me a lot of The Firm (series) and I like how it’s unpredictable. I like how the show is a legal drama/political drama and still brings out humor in such serious matters.
After the mishap with my laptop back in 2014, when I lost all my saved items including 5seasons of the series, I had always thought of buying all the seasons. Luckily I got my hands on season 1-5, cds and I’m slowly catching to season 7. On a scale of 1-10, I give it 9, it’s a good series you should watch it if you haven’t.

2. Getting crafty. Long weekend meant more time for DIY projects. I did manage to get a few materials and since Saturday I’ve been making some interesting things. Can’t wait to share with you here. Subscribe to this blog to get updates on DIY posts.

3. Baking a cake. I’ve always wanted to know how to bake a cake. I know to cook most meals but I don’t know how to bake. So I saw an opportunity to try out and I took it on Saturday. Some of you may have watched on Snapchat-graciemjodawo how the whole baking process was.
It was fun but it didn’t turn out as I had imagined, rather as that I had seen on Google and YouTube. The cake burnt and cracked a little bit.
I later realized that I had set to much heat for the oven and that I had not taken notice of ℉ and ℃ difference.
Atleast it was edible and sweet on parts that didn’t get burnt.
I’m happy I tried it, and after, I decided to add a challenge to my (before I get to 30) to do list. I challenge myself to be a pastry chef not like a professional but to be able to bake as many pastries as I can.

4. Writing a report.  After my internship I’m required to submit a report to school. Due to early mornings and late evenings during work days I never get time to fill in my log book. Well my Easter Monday is all about filling in my log book and getting started on my report.

5. Going to the dentist.  I have cavities at one of my molar tooth which has been giving me sleepless nights. There’s nothing more painful as a tooth decay. Thought this long weekend would be a good time to finally get root canal done and have time to heal but turns out the dentist I had in mind wasn’t working. I’ll have to push this one to next week.






Hope you enjoyed your Easter Holiday and don’t forget tomorrow is a working day.

Photography by Victor (Shaka_guru)

Graffiti T-shirt – Giks.
White Pants – Ngara Mkt.
Mustard Heels – Giks.
Round Sunnies – Random Vendor in town.
Ring – Dubois Rd.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Easter Monday. Toodles!


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