Dotted Navy


I finally began my internship and been upto working and learning new skills. It’s exciting and the same time extremely hectic. Early mornings, late evenings, workload and fatigue. Well, as much as I wanna defend my silence and blame it on traffic, being tired and having less of ‘me’ time. I must admit that,  part of me has been (a little bit) lazy to type/publish posts.

Got all these notes in my notebook but getting them typed feels like a whole lot of work. If only technology could give an option of copying from notebook and pasting to a laptop/phone/tablet, It would be the greatest innovation ever. 😁🙈

I learnt that, I was only making up excuses to cover up for a procrastination habit that I was developing. Good thing I realized it early  I’m sucking it up and working on getting as many things as I can done. Coming to this realization was the best life lesson ever though couldn’t accept this fact at first.

Once you start making up excuses for not getting something done, that’s one sign of being lazy.

Currently I’m wearing more of neutral colors and official attire as per the work ethic requirement. Not just black white, and grey. I’m also incorporating Navy blue, beige and brown into my daily work wear.
I usually wear two colors per look and not more than three to avoid looking out of place. When I’m wearing matchy colors I tone it down with prints. I keep my lippie nude.




On today’s post, I wore a navy blue skirt with a polka dotted butterfly sweater and navy blue doll shoes. Added a navy blue belt to achieve a formal look from the butterfly sweater.
Honestly since I started working I’ve hardly worn heels. I’ve found flat shoes really comfortable especially cause I walk a lot. Not that I have stopped wearing heels, I do wear once in while, Sunday’s mostly. During work days I like to be comfortable as I run my daily tasks.





Sweater – Adams Arcade.
Belt – Gifted.
Skirt – Ngara Mkt.
Shoes – Gifted.
Lipstick, Revlon (Coffee Beam) – Gifted.

Thank you for stopping by. Toodles!


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