Mom Jeans


About a week ago I did a vintage look. It was fun and it felt more like going back in time. I wore a baggy highwaist denim with a floral crop top and ankle boots. This look reminded me a lot of Sister Sister the comedy series about twin sisters, Tia and Tamara.

This type of denim is comfy, and stylish. It’s popularly known as mum’s jeans. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but most of the 90s trends are making their way back.
Highwaist denim is one of those trends, it is effortlessly stylish and has been popular for quite long. Crop tops too are the in vogue just like they were in the 90s.
Like I say:

Nothing never really goes out of fashion.







Photography by Shaka_guru (Victor).

Crop Top – Local Mkt.
Denim – Gikomba Mkt.
Shoes – Ngara Mkt.
Accessories – Sister’s.

Thank you for stopping by. Have an awesome weekend, Toodles!


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