Crochet Braiding


Crochet Braiding was a big trend in 2015 and it’s still is. Crochet has been there for ages. I remember when we were kids, my mum used to stitch our knit sweaters with a crochet. Crochet needle has and is also used to sew fluffy mats. However, it’s shocking that even with the kind of history the crochet has, there are so many people who do not know what a crochet is.

On Tuesday as I walked around the streets of Nairobi looking for a crochet needle, walking from supermarkets to accessories shops, I noticed that most people were not familiar with the needle. Okay, part of it is my fault cause I was looking in the wrong places. I should have been searching for it at Biashara street or textile shops.
Anyways this is a crochet needle.

After running around town, using all the strength I was left with from work, trying to explain to people what a crochet needle is, I later found out that my sister had her own needle, which she had previously used to weave mats.
Now we can get to doing my hair. The whole idea was my sister’s, I was bit reluctant at first. I thought she was joking when she suggest I should do crochet braiding and she would be the one to do it. She knows how to plait and braid but didn’t know she knew how to crochet braid.
I guess the knowledge came from mat weaving and maybe a little YouTube tutorials. I agreed to be her dummy and we stay up till late getting my hair done. It was fun, reminded me of old times when she and mum would do our(me and my other sisters) hair. Exciting too, was really anxious about the outcome as most of you must have seen on Snapchat – graciemjodawo. Not forgetting how tiresome it was, but in the end, the results were worth it.




It might not be as perfect as that of a professional but I’m loving it. I am also happy for my sister for learning a new skill. Thank you so much siz. I don’t know how you make things happen but you are a super woman. My nieces may not be able to say this at the moment, but you are also a super mom.

I used two packets of soft dreadlocks.



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