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On Saturday I worked with a professional photographer, it was one of the best moments of my life. I must admit, I was so anxious and excited at the same time. The photoshoot was a big deal for me and I wanted to get the best shots. The kind of moment which you just want to do your best, look your best and deliver the best. I worked with a friendly photographer, Shaka_guru who took lots of shots per look and we were able to pick the best shots for each look.

My favorite color is purple not just purple but all shades of purple. Purple is an amazing and beautiful color that works well on items. What I like most about purple is how you can bring together different shades to give an interesting look. Purple is normally associated with royalty, luxury, creativity and nobility. It also connotes femininity.
While most work places are strict about the colors to be worn as official wear, some companies give workers freedom to wear colors they want, especially marketing and branding companies. This look is mostly inspired for the woman who can wear any color to the office. However, this look can also be for a date, lunch meeting, classy party with work mates and any other ‘not so serious’ occasion.

Photography by Victor (Shaka_guru).






Chiffon blouse – Kware Mkt.
Midi-Skirt – Kware Mkt.
Shoes – Ngara Mkt.
Lipstick TopLady (No 11) – Beauty options.


Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful Wednesday. Toodles!


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