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Mondays’ are perceived to be bad days, but I disagree with this notion. I believe any day can be bad, and it all depends on what you did or how you prepared yourself on the previous day.
I’d like to share my weekend routine which plays an important role in ensuring I have a good Monday.

On Fridays once in a while I go out, do evening dates or I just stay indoors and watch series all night.
While other days I wake up at 5.30 a.m, on Saturdays I wake up at 7.30 a.m. It is on this day that; I do laundry, go shopping like grocery shopping, visit friends and family, sometimes babysit and other times go swimming.
On Sunday is resting day. I wake up early. Make breakfast (those on snapchat know the kind of breakfast I’m talking about). Go to church and later in the day have lunch with family. Whatever I’ll be doing, I always try to make it back home by 4pm. I then rest as I : read a book, draft ideas for the blog and plan out my week.
I prepare dinner early and eat by 7.30. I eat well cause I’ll be going to bed early. Then clean up, do a few body exercises and put things in order. By 8.30 pm, I’m in bed. You know what they say…Early to bed, early to rise.
From this point you can tell that I’ve nursed my hangovers, I’ve relaxed enough and that I’m ready for a new week.


On Monday mornings I wake up early, go for morning runs when I can to reactivate my muscles. I leave the house early so that I don’t get caught up in the crazy Nairobi traffic.
Getting up late is the root of all problems causing bad days. Moreover, you getting up early on Monday is determined by how you spend your Sunday. If you do so much on Sunday that you never have time to relax, you’ll end up complaining about Monday every week in a month.
Other things I like to do that make my Mondays bright are ; being sensitive on what I wear, I like it smart and sleek. I also like to listen to music that cheers me up and motivates me. Having heavy breakfast as I expect to do lots of activities. Finally I like to be punctual on Mondays.




Blouse- Kware Mkt.
Skirt – Giks.
Bag – Gift from Barcelona.
Shoes – Giks.
Sunglasses – Dubois Rd.
Necklace, Rings – Dubois Rd.



Thank you for stopping by. Do have a great Monday. Toodles!


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