Simply Comfy


In 2015 there were so many trends some will remain in 2015 while others will sneak their way into 2016. Just as sneakers and ripped denim took over in 2015, I have a feeling they will keep trending this year. Mainly because, they exude effortless style and comfort.

I am currently in love with this pair of shoes. Be it Monday or Saturday, in skirt or in jeans, you’ll most definitely find me wearing sneakers.

Last weekend I pulled this look, I was looking into doing less and keeping it simple. A white Jersey, sneakers and denim (rugged or not) is the ultimate ‘simple-comfy’ look for me.





Jeans – Giks.
Jersey – Kware Mkt.
Sneakers – Giks.
Bag Pack – Same Here.
Ring – Dubois Rd.


Less is More.

Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely afternoon. Toodles!


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