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Happy New Year, hoping you began your year on a good note. This year my goal is to do more and talk less. There are things I have been saying I’ll do but I never get them done. This year is about more action. In 2016 I’ll also avoid making promises and rather try to deliver promises I made last year, especially promises I made to you my viewers. Okay, I’ll just stop talking and get into action.

There are certain colors that easily blend in a chic way. When I put this outfit together yesterday, the first thing that crossed my mind was color harmony. What I didn’t know is that there’s actually a scientific theory explaining color harmony.
Colors on color wheel can directly work well. It’s beautiful how this colors come together in terms of fashion and home decor. It even gets interesting when dressing up for work. Instead of wearing the same color from head to toe, over and over, you can actually bring different colors together and try to blend them.
Identifying color harmony may sometimes be tricky.
However, my advice to you is pick colors that are closely related. By related I mean, colors that easily match. It’s a good choice not just for dressing up but also for design.





Blouse – Giks.
Trousers- Gifted.
Shoes – Random Vendor.


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4 thoughts on “Harmony

  1. Lol!! Ati do more and talk less, aki si you are funny my dear, I do agree with you though. I didn’t know there was something called color harmony but thanks to you am now enlightened. You look absolutely amazing, I love the neutralism of the colors which are well combined. Color harmony also adds pizzazz to outfits!!


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