Closet Ideas


On Saturday while picking something to wear from my closet I noticed this ka-space that made me happy. I felt relieved for this ka-space was the solution to all my problems.
Lately my photographer(my sister) has been really preoccupied, trying to fit in her work schedule is tricky. Now that I have this space I can do my own photo shoots, no interruptions, good lighting and less wories.

Sometimes when we are deeply in need of something we let it get into us so much we get blinded and not see the opportunities presented to us.

Similarly in our dressing styles we sometimes tend to overspend in buying clothes that we ultimately do not need. We buy too many clothes to fit into every occasion while we can wear one outfit in many different ways.

Quick advice-

work with what you have.

You’ve been invited to an event on short notice, don’t freak out there’s definitely something you can wear in your wardrobe. Each outfit we own has atleast three looks we can wear. Get creative, play with prints and color and make something you don’t have from something you already have.

I have this pink long skirt that I’ve been styling for a while now. I previously wore it as a Tube Dress with a Kimono. Today I am wearing it as a Pencil skirt. The look can easily be switched from official to casual.

Style 1.





Style 2.





Pencil Skirt – Ngara Mkt.
Tank Top – Kware.
Platform Heels – Random Vendor.
Rubber Shoes – Giks.
Belt – Gifted.
Watch – Dubois Rd.
Ring – Dubois Rd.

Thank you for stopping by and for always sharing. Happy Holidays! Toodles!


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