Rugged Denim x Coral Blazer x Prints


When you can’t come up with a brief title that summarizes your post, you end up with a long title, stating everything you want to talk about.  Oooh yea just like mine 👆;).

The rugged jeans also known as distressed pants or ripped denim is a chic wear that has been there, it’s here and it’s going nowhere. It is trendy, edgy and exudes elegance. What I like most about the rugged jeans is it’s simplicity and just how it can look good on anyone. Hek even men are looking fab in rugged jeans. They are actually winning it, rugged jeans are unisex.

The fun and best part about rugged jeans is that you don’t need to spend much to own one. You probably have some denim trousers stashed somewhere at home, get them out, rip ’em in style, redesign and have yourself a pair of ripped pants.



I decided to play my distressed pants with color and prints. Some vibrance that came with the coral blazer. A touch of animal print to work with the blazer and an African highlight to work with the denim. Mirrored sunnies for the solar in Nairobi. All together I came up with this look… 





It’s an amazing style that we should all embrace and make a point of having atleast one rugged denim in our closets.

Soon this wear will be a wardrobe necessity.

Blazer – Random Vendor Eld.
Vest – Giks.
Denim – Giks.
Wedges – Giks.
Scarf – Kware.
Clutch – Gifted.
Choker – Dubois Rd.
Lippie(Revlon Rum Raisin) – Gifted.

Thank you for stopping by, have yourself a fantastic Friday kesho. Toodles!


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