The Faux Leather Skirt


Early last year while I was thrift shopping, I came across this leather skirt. It was cheap, it looked like real leather and it was my size but at the back of mind I knew I didn’t need it and pulling a leather look Will be much more difficult.

Even with the many buts I managed to convince myself to buy it. I would be lying if I said it is easy to wear leather and that I’ve worn this skirt several times. Actually the title of this post should have been, “the faux leather skirt that I never thought I would wear”.

As much as I admire top fashion bloggers and celebrities who wear leather and look good, this skirt has been stashed somewhere at home for as long as I could remember. At some point I wanted to give it out coz I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t gonna wear it.

Why I wore it eventually; Well I drew inspiration from Elle, Fashion blogger at Elled, who did a post on Faux leather dress while talking about the fear of wearing leather. She totally hacked the look and looked really stunning, as seen here. She might have not known but she inspired me to finally wear this skirt.



 I decided to keep the look simple with less accessories.




Lesson: Ever since, I have sworn to only buy what I need no matter how affordable and pretty something is.

Leather Skirt- Thrifted.
Multicolored Blouse- Ngara Mkt.
Black Pumps- Ngara Mkt.
Rings- Dubois rd.


 Thank you for stopping by, be inspired and have a blessed week. Toodles!


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