Moda Explotitudor Turns 1.


Hola December, season greetings!

I still can’t wrap my head over the fact that it’s 20days to Christmas and 26days to 2016. Everything is happening so fast and children are growing up really quick in an unbelievable way. My nephew was born sometime last year at a time like now, just the other day he was so tiny. Now he’s crawling and eating ugali like a big person and he’s just  so cute. Just before he was born I started blogging and now Moda Explotitudor is a year old.

I’m so happy for having come this far, there are many times I felt like quitting but I never gave up, I kept pushing through. I started blogging in late October but I choose to celebrate my blogversery in December because I moved to another site(this one) in late November, my blogging journey got serious between late November and early December.

The journey has been fun and exciting especially the photoshoots and meeting other bloggers. I remember the day I started blogging like it was just yesterday. I was so psyched that I didn’t sleep. I stayed up all night coming up with a blog name and every title I thought of was already taken but that didn’t stop me from creating a website. That very night I got a notebook and filled it with drafted ideas of what I’ll be posting.

It has also been met with many challenges, having to beg family and friends to take photos of me. There are times when I used to use a chair and a pillow as my photographer (which I still do btw). Not forgetting the long hours I spent at Wi-Fi zones as my posts would fail to go public whenever I was to publish, then there was school and just life.

I am so grateful to my friends and family for all their support and encouragement all through this one year. Thank you all for putting up with my photography demands and being patient with me.  Thank you loyal readers for sharing my blog posts and for always stopping by even when I haven’t posted something new. I heart you all. The experience has taught me a lot and I’m more than interested to learn more as I continue with the journey. 



I am wearing a pink tube dress which was originally a pencil skirt, with a white kimono and mustard ankle-strap-heels. Carried a mustard handbag to match with the shoes. Highlighted my look with African bangles and a silver statement necklace.






Tube Dress- Ngara Mkt.
Kimono- Mabs Mkt.
Shoes- Giks.
Bag- Giks.
Necklace, Rings- Dubois rd.
Ankara Bangles- Claire: 0727538948.


Thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend. Toodles!


7 thoughts on “Moda Explotitudor Turns 1.

  1. Congratulations girl! I know how real the struggle is, but I’m glad you kept on. I think you are very talented and you are definitely going far. How I enjoy reading your posts! Do keep pushing!

    Happy blogiversary!!


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