Natural Hair 101


At the beginning of November I decided to try something new, something I’ve always wanted to try, something different to my hair. That thing is the natural hair journey. I must admit that it has been amazing though at first I was a bit ignorant, I knew little and thought it was just about washing, combing and rocking it Afro.

Thanks to my Big sister I’ve learnt a few great tips on natural hair growth and maintenance. She is a naturalista and a goddess when it comes to natural hair. Today I am sharing what I’ve learnt so far, which will be really useful to anyone planning to start a natural hair journey or anyone looking for more tips for her natural hair.
These are simple tips, you can actually do it yourself at home. Less time required and no charges applied.
Natural Hair Essentials.
1. Shampoo.
2. Conditioner.
3. Coconut oil.
4. Olive oil.
5. Shea butter.
6. Coconut curling cream.


You can have either of oils or two of either. You don’t have to necessarily use all the oils.

Wash hair regularly and clean scalps. Helps in promoting hair growth by removing build up and dead skin especially during the hot season.
Apply oil daily. Best oil to use is coconut oil or olive oil. Oiling maintains your hair protein levels, keeps hair moisturized softens and curls hair. Also prevents hair from breakage.
Condition hair for hours, if you don’t have a dryer try the traditional way of conditioning ‘sun basking’. Always remember to deep condition your hair after every wash.
Massage scalp and exercise regularly for increased blood flow.
Comb hair with a large tooth comb, work from bottom to up.


Trim split damaged ends when necessary.
When detangling and conditioning divide hair into sections to ensure you reach every strand of your hair.
Go for protective styling like twists, curls, braids and Bantu knots.
Use bobby pins, clips and other loose objects for styling to protect hairline from becoming weak.


–  Constant chemicals, relaxers, dyes and hair dryness can lead to split ends.
– Avoid too much brushing and combing, this two can make your hair weak.
– Do not use/mix too many different brands on your hair.
–  Minimize heat usage on your hair e.g blowdry hair with less heat or avoid heat styling for too much heat leads to split ends and hair breakage.


– Avoid pulling hair tightly at the hairline.
– Don’t sleep without covering your hair. Your hair should be moisturized at all time and we don’t want to be messing up our pillows and beddings with oil, or don’t we?



Last and most importantly drink lots of water, hydrate and be patient for a successful and happy hair journey.

Hope the above tips have been helpful to you in one way or another. Don’t keep the information to yourself, share to your sister, friends, mum, cousin, niece, daughter, girlfriend. Let’s celebrate natural hair.

Good luck on your Natural hair journey. Thank you for stopping by, Toodles!

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3 thoughts on “Natural Hair 101

  1. Great tips and instructions! I went natural with my hair about a year ago, and I like it sofar. It’s funny because my older sister helped me with natural hair too. She’s like a true master at it, and helped me a bunch!


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