The Pink Pipe Skirt


There is this type of skirts that have become so common in Nairobi for almost a year now. They have become so trendy yet they are being sold at Ngara Market the place where you shop as you watch out for kanjo. The hawkers market that has no precise working hours, the hawkers market where you get staff at affordable prices and you end up  buying on impulse.

The person who came up with these skirts must be really smiling all the way to the bank. However, He/She didn’t consider certain comfortability aspects. Like the material should have been a little bit thicker so as not to be transparent, one may require seemless innerwear for her to wear these skirts.
The long one’s should have been more open at the bottom to ease walking. The material should not have been too light. Imagine that scenario of you walking along the streets of Nairobi in one of these skirts, suddenly the skirt starts tearing up as you walk, don’t even wanna think about it.
Last month I bought myself one of these skirts, it should have been a maxi but it’s straight and tight, that’s why I decided to call it the pipe skirt. The first time I wore it I could barely walk around the house and that’s when I resorted to wearing it as a bodycon dress.
Today I wore it with a denim shirt, creating a pencil skirt look. Completed my look with black accessories.






Tomorrow there will be a free breast cancer screening ,from 8.00a.m to 3pm, at the Mater Hospital. Inform your friends, sisters, cousins, daughters and all the ladies. Let’s fight Cancer!


Skirt- Ngara Mkt.
Denim Shirt – Same here.
Shoes- Kware(Rongai).
Handbag- Sister’s.
Earings-Dubois Rd.
Belt- Random Vendor.

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