Making A Bow

At the  beginning of my second year, I came up with an idea of doing business of selling my own handmade items. One of the items I made was a bow, to be used as a headband for hair accessory and a bowtie for neck accessory. It was efficient and easy at the time coz my mum had lots of small pieces of material that she was about to throw away. Also at the time bow was so much trending and till now it’s still trending.

Today I thought I should share how to make a simple bow which takes less than 20minutes. Enjoy and let me your thoughts and views on this DIY.
1.Collecting required items.
You need:
-A black thread.
-A needle.
-A piece of material.
-A thimble.(Not a must)


2.Cutting and Shaping.
Using a pair of scissors, cut your desired material, then fold into a rectangular shape with the size of your choice. The rectangle should not be too narrow or too broad.
Also cut a small straight piece of material and put it aside.



Once folded and shaped well, take a needle put in a thread then sew the rectangle at it’s edges so as to close the openings of the rectangular piece.
Before sewing turn the piece of material into its inner side/wrong side, then make small and consistent stitches so that the rectangle may look neat on the outer/right side.
You may use a thimble to avoid pricking yourself with the needle.

Remember to leave a small space for turning the rectangular piece into its right side.

Stitch the small hole inwards.

With two fingers of your left hand hold at the middle of rectangular piece you’ve just sown, and with your right  finger tip pinch the piece of material from it’s edges bringing it to the middle where your left two fingers are to create pleats.
Place the straight piece you had put aside, at the middle of the pleats and stitch it at the back so as to join the pleats and to hold them in place.


With that you have a bowtie.

You can use your bowtie to highlight your look in many different ways. This section will be part two of this post.

Try making bows with printed materials or by color blocking pieces of material.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free sharing this and other blogposts. Toodles!

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