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Denim x Heel Sandals


Keeping/saving a pair of shoes for a big event is a habit common with us Ladies. Especially when you love the pair so much that you don’t want them to get dusty or spoilt or anyone to touch them. So you hold on to them like a baby, I guess it’s the reason why ladies sometimes refer to shoes as ‘my new babies’.

I bought a pair of studded heel sandals two months ago. At the time I was in school and putting them on at school would have done them no justice, it just felt so wrong. So I decided to keep them, awaiting a dinner date, classy party and fashion events.
But then something crossed my mind, the kinda ‘what if’ thing. I can be superstitious sometimes. This kind of superstitious feeling made me wear the heel sandals over the weekend.
I wore them with ripped denim pants, three-colored blouse and added a touch of beige clutch bag. The sandals are nude but due to the studds they may seem gold.







Top- thrifted.
Denim- local Mkt.
Belt- Giks.
Heel sandals- Random vendor in Eld.
Necklace- Dubois rd.
Clutch- Toi Mkt.

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4 thoughts on “Denim x Heel Sandals

  1. So true. I have a beautiful blue pair I am keeping safe too. Haha. They are my little babies, lol, too delicate for Ghana’s dusty streets. Bought them during our holidays in Europe and I’ve never worn them! Le sigh.

    You look simple but enchanting as always. Beautiful shoes, love the striped top and the braids are on point!

    Liked by 1 person

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