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Simple Outfit: Busy Day


On this particular day I was heading out to run a few errands. Go to the bank, pass by the clinic, do some shopping, pick up groceries by the market and later take an evening walk. It was to be a long hectic day, decided to do a relaxed look that wouldn’t interfere with my day.

Bata ngomaz for too much walking. Just amazing how type of shoes are so comfy, you can walk for miles without your feet getting tired or blisters. Denim pants are good for running errands, at the same time trendy.

For a chic touch, added a stripped sweater top and completed the look with a black sling bag. I prefer this sweater top when I’m not sure about the weather.In case I was to get home a little late, I’ll be sorted by the long sleeves of the sweater top and it’s crew neck design.

Well the head band was to keep my hair in place, it was windy and there’s no time to make frequent stops just to comb my hair and style it back. The watch helped with keeping track of time as much as it highlights my look.

Lastly, before I headed out to start off my day, I managed to take a few shots with my phone, that gave life to this post. Enjoy and feel free sharing this and other posts.





Sweater top- Ngara Mkt.
Jeans- Local Mkt.
Bata Ngomaz- Bata.
Bag- Gifted.

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