Brighter Monday


Hallo there… Happy New Month!
It’s been a while and I missed you all a lot, I missed blogging too. My system had shut down been figuring it out and now I’m back on.

Last Monday I requested one of friends to take part in shooting for my blog post. It was amazing, coincidentally we had almost the same dressing code.
Isn’t it just awesome when your friends accompany you to a blog photo shoot. They are there cheering you up, making you smile, helping you pick great shots and helping you find a good spot for the shoot.
Best part is when they stick around, waiting for you and being patient while photographing you. To be sincere I’ll miss my friends very much, it’s gonna be a long holiday without them around, anyone who wants to be my photographer and is patient, please contact me.



Faith was in all black, pop of polka dots and a touch of bright color. Polka dotted top, black pencil skirt, purple coat with black stilettos. I like how she added some fun to her official wear.



I was in a white dress, Magenta waterfall sweater with black ankle boots and a black belt to complete my look. The sweater came out as hot pink, guess the lighting effect was the cause. Magenta adds a playful feel to the whole look, if I was to wear the dress plainly it would have been rather boring.





White dress- Gifted.
Waterfall sweater- Local Mkt.
Belt- Gifted.
Boots- Ngara Mkt.
Rings- Dubois Rd.

Thanks for stopping by, feel free sharing my blog posts and join me on instagram @graciemjodawo. Blessed  and fruitful September ahead, Toodles!

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8 thoughts on “Brighter Monday

      1. Awww more than welcome, I really enjoy your blog! If you were in Ghana or me in your country I’m sure we would be such good friends. Love your fashion sense and simple chic style. Keep up the hard work!


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