Life In College


Life in college sometimes can be rough, tough and complicated. Living on your own in a new environment with no one to direct you on how things should be done. Meeting new people, adjusting your way of life to their’s so that you don’t cross paths. Getting broke which is common if you have no spending plan for your money, can be frustrating. However, I don’t mean to scare anyone who hasn’t yet joined campus.

As much as life can be hard in college not 100% of is bad, other times life can be great. In fact most of the time life is awesome. You get to live on your own, learn how to be responsible, become independent and just be yourself. College is about finding out who you really are. It’s about interacting, adapting a new culture and learning great staff from different people. College is about deciding what you want in life. It’s about exploring your true personality. It’s about enjoying your youth but with a limit.

I love this part in college where no one forces you to do things you don’t want/like. College gives people opportunity to express their style, no rules for personal adornments. You can have your crazy hairdo and weird dressing manner, nobody cares.

Although we do also have to remember our actions have consequences. It’s how you carry out yourself in college that will determine your future. Yes you can miss classes but you can’t miss or fail exams, No it’s not acceptable.

Yes, you can go out partying with friends but too much of something can be poisonous. Mingle, socialize, but trusting too much is risky business. You can do all the crazy staff you want but at the end of the day you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth it or acceptable. Quiting is not an option in college, deal with the situation. And That’s college for you.

With time, I’ve learnt that you are the driver of your life, drive too fast you get disappointed, drive too slow get nowhere, the direction you pick depends on how smart you think.

Today’s outfit is 90’s inspired. The Bandana was common with artists and actors. The Bandana reminds me a lot of Tupac and his music( I love btw). Also it can a life saver for bad hair days. Denim was really trending in the 90’s and it’s just amazing how it has never gone out of fashion through out the years, lace too.






Bandana- Random vendor.
Denim shirt- Ngara Mkt.
Lace Mini-dress- Giks.
Tights- Random vendor.
Boots- Ngara Mkt.
Louis Vuitton Back pack- local Mkt.
Rings, Necklace- Dubois Rd.
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9 thoughts on “Life In College

  1. Life in college does take a lot of personal growth to get through. I totally agree with your take cause at the end of the day you need to enrich your life not do things because everyone else is doing them…..it’s usually easier said than done though. All the best to those in uni currently.

    I like how girly and feminine your dress is. Looks even better with the masculine elements.


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