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Finals are here, ooh I mean exams. It’s weird how the first papers were so damn hard but I’m still happy. I guess it’s the hype of going home for internship that’s getting into me. I’ve heard a lot about internships and I just can’t wait for my turn. However I’m also anxious, those with experience at this I kindly need your help and guidance. “One of those moments in life when you are so excited and you don’t wanna mess it up.” Exactly the kinda internship moment I’m talking about.

So exams will be over soon then there will be more time for blogging, planning to get back on my YouTube channel do more vlogs, ooh I meant video blogs and just more time away from school, more rest and stress-free(no CATs/assignments).
Looking forward to babysitting too, I miss my nieces and nephew so much, now more than ever coz they are growing so fast and I just don’t wanna miss out on any of their childhood memories.
Ever had outfits which you had no hope of ever wearing them again? Or you had lost any memory of their existence. It just happened that I still have this grey trouser which I last wore in my freshmen year and it was somewhere in my suitcase far away.
Guess you can say I was touched by the Holy Spirit. Something of that sort happened today. I kept it away coz it was really baggy at the time, let’s just say that I was quite tiny in my freshmen year. Now it fits and I like it more than I used to. Plus grey is trending. It also happens that the floral blouse is a forgotten outfit too. I don’t remember wearing it anytime this year maybe early last year yet I keep complaining to myself that I don’t have blouses/I don’t have anything to wear.
The two outfits worked together conveniently. The touch of navy-blue brought a fine feeling to the look. Grey pants are simple to wear and stylish in a way that you may not notice until you put it on. Besides grey is a popular color for official wear, it portrays sophistication and confidence.






Blouse- local Mkt.
Trouser- local Mkt.
Belt- Gifted.
Handbag- Mabs.
Watch, Ring- Dubois Rd.
Heels- B.s

Thanks for stopping by, feel free sharing this and other blog post. Toodles!

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