Coral Highlight


As a writer/blogger, choosing a title can be challenging sometimes. Is it too sketchy, is it redundant, will it catch the attention of the readers, is it boring, will it communicate to the readers as intended, does it relate to the post/outfits, is it relevant with the particular blog genre? The questions that run across the minds of writers/bloggers. It happens to me all the time especially after taking editing classes. Editing classes made me realise how important titles are. It hit me that I had a lot of work to do with my titles.

Every time I’m to post something and I’m about to type a headline my editing lecturer crosses my mind and the above questions pop up nonstop, and how he always cautions us that we will get fired and not secure jobs due to lack of creative headlines. I don’t know if you noticed but not so long ago I edited my headlines, didn’t change the wording but rectified the punctuation marks and style.
However I do always tell myself ‘it’s never that serious’,but wait it is very important,headlines should be captivating. I strive to make my headlines attractive for you my viewers.On posts like these I do stare a lot at my pics like a zombie so that the photos can talk to me and just give me a title.
Other times the titles just come up before the photoshoot. Either way headlines are the sensitive part of every article, hoping to use the skills I learnt in class here effectively and just for once I overcome my lecture’s predicament of ‘getting fired/not getting hired’. Though I must admit that I still have a lot to learn and I need to work on my editing skills.
Join the conversation, do you have any headline struggles? do you need tips on how to write headlines? what was your worst headline moment? Tell me all about it in the comment box below.







Floral crop top- Local Mkt.
White pants- Same Here.
Boots- Same Here.
Necklace,Ring- Dubois rd.
Earings- Random vendor.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free sharing. Toodles!

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4 thoughts on “Coral Highlight

  1. I definitely have headline struggles as well! One thing that helps me overcome them is to consider the time, day, season or surroundings, and get inspiration from that. Anyway, I’m loving the coat, it adds a great pop of colour to the outfit 🙂

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