22 Things About Me(2)


A continuation of the previous post, which is about me introducing myself to you my viewers, telling you things about my life. Random things that you might have not known. Random things from my past and present. Part one of this post is Here.

11. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, one is 4years old, the other is 3years old. Wait…did you just fall for that?? Aaaah I’m not exactly a mum but I’m extremely close to my two nieces, whom I love babysitting during the holidays. I love them so much I practically consider them my daughters.
12. I have a tattoo, if you stop by frequently I bet you’ve noticed from my previous posts. It’s in Chinese. No it’s in Japanese. Okay I’m getting confused right now but whichever the language I love it the way it is.
13. I laugh and talk a lot, which may sound odd cause I’m very shy and quiet sometimes. Here’s the thing, when I meet you for the first time I’m usually reserved but wait till we spend a lot of time together, I never shut up.
14. A believer of God and prayers, I go to church, sometimes ACK, sometimes Catholic. Sometimes I don’t go, the denomination doesn’t matter what matters most is my belief.
15. Dreams of learning Russian and Chinese, actually being a CIA, secret agent and just kickass.
16. Short skirts and dresses is more of my comfy zone, cold weather always seems to that spoil for me.





17. I am talented in the art of bargaining. My friends like to say I love free things but no I just want fair prices for worthy staff. Guess you can say that I’m sensitive about my money and where it goes.
18. I can be a bit of a clean freak, I prefer using my own staff, keeping them in a certain order .
19. I don’t like spend a lot of cash on airtime for internet. No wonder I spend most of my free time around WiFi zones. Days when lecturers don’t show up, I just go yessss and you’ll probably find me at some “signal strength-excellent” spot.
20. If drinking a lot of water counts as dieting. Oooh well then I do diet a lot. Two glasses when I wake up, two glasses after breakfast and more glasses through out the day, I never keep count.
21. Here comes the long awaited ‘thing’,my relationship status. And huh hmmm sorry but I’m gonna have to say ‘No Comment’. I think it’s the best answer for now.
22. I just love using the word just for somewhat reason it appears in most of my phrases and I just can’t stop using it. It’s just so much in my brain, every time it just comes up when I wanna talk or write. Just this just that!





When the wind is all over your business.

Print blouse-B.S
Sheer Tutu skirt- Ngara Mkt.
Purple pumps- Ngara Mkt.
Ring- Gifted.


Your questions are welcomed in the comment box below. Thanks for stopping by and feel free sharing. Toodles!

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