22 Things About Me (1)


Happy New Month! On Thursday I turned 22,it feels great and scary at the same time.I am thankful to God for this far He has brought me.Thought I should introduce myself to you my viewers and do a post on 22 random things about me.Enjoy…

1. I am a 22 year old student, persuing a degree in Linguistics, Media and Communication,at Moi University.
2. My favorite foreign language is Spanish, I took Spanish lessons in the past for six months.I can make basic conversation both in writing and speaking.
3. I am a food lover who cooks a lot and likes to pick recipes from food magazines and food network. I also like to come up with my own recipes and try out mixing different flavors.
4. Was born and raised in Ghetto and I’m proud of my roots.Growing up in the ghetto made me tough and a hard worker.
5. I enjoy dancing.It is relaxing, makes me happy and just takes me to this sweet magical place that is stress free.Dancing is the only body exercise that doesn’t hurt much.





6. I am a series addict, one time my Mum banned me from going to school and told me to sit at home watch series till I get fed up,because I hadn’t done some homework.Was expecting a beating but instead got a week off from school.However,dad came to my rescue and I resumed classes the next day of my 1st day off.I’ll never forget that punishment and I’m glad my mum is strict enough otherwise I wouldn’t be in Uni today.
7. Most of the time I wear a stern serious face,not for a specific reason I was just born this way.People usually mistake me to be moody and mad at them.Lemme clear the air, I’m not angry at you, nikuzubaa tu as Swahili people like to say.
8. My favorite sports are, basketball, swimming, tennis and cricket. Not because I know how to play them but because they are fun to watch.I love watching the Olympics too.
9. I am old fashioned,so 1980s kinda person,loves listening to Rhumba and soul music.Big fan of Whitney Houston, Abba, Billie Ocean,Bryan Adams,Franco, Madilu System, Mbilia Bell and many others.Apart from this two,I also enjoy Naija Music, it so alive.
10. This may come out as a shock to you but will just go ahead and tell you.I’m not a candy crush fan,never liked the game at all.Currently hooked on Word(4pics1word) game,I like to be the odd one out among my friends.
11. Five most used apps, recently on my phone are,Instagram(Ooh yeah I’m active,follow @graciemjodawo),Whatsapp,Snapchat(eats all my airtime but I’m still hooked on it),Camera(selfies all the time) and  WordPress.





Bodycon Mini dress- Gifted.
Coat – Eld Town.
Boots – Same Here.
Stockings- Random vendor.
Ring- Dubois rd.
Stay tuned on here for part two of 22 random things about me. Feel free sharing.Thanks for stopping by,Toodles!

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12 thoughts on “22 Things About Me (1)

  1. Niiice. I also looove dancing, Instagram, Snapchat, and WordPress; never played candy crush lol. I’m not much of a games person, more into books. And awww, the stern face thing is true in my case as well.
    Enjoyable read!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I just finished rereading Our Man Weston by Gordon Korman, one of my all time favorites. Very funny! Also, YES to Sophie Kinsella, especially the Shopaholic series. You’ll love them!


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