Baggy Pants &Lace Blazer


Of late I’m hooked on snapchat app, can’t keep off especially from snap stories, captivating and fun. The other day I learnt how to snap my stories(don’t laugh), three months after downloading the app. I remember the second day after downloading the app I almost uninstalled it. Didn’t get how it worked got frustrated and it felt like culture shock. Ever felt lost while using technology,like trying to find X in a mathematical equation, yep that’s the feeling.

However my cousin came to my rescue, coached me step by step on how to use Snap chat. Realized it’s not that complicated as I first thought, guess was just too busy then to ‘get it’.
Now I’m so in love with this app, I just wanna snap every time and take videos of my stories, which I am focused on lately. It’s an awesome app, explorative and just so the in thing currently. Download it and add me as your friend, if you haven’t. My snap chat username is- graciemjodawo.
For this look I picked on something relaxed and simple, red baggy plaid pants, white t-shirt, white and black lace coat with black doll shoes.






Remember the security detail for POTUS? At least for once something that I usually see in FBI and CIA themed series, was a reality. Just like in the movies she looked like she can really kickass, infact I think this is an understatement and I lack a great tough word to describe her.
This look reminded me about her a lot.

T-shirt- Local Mkt.
Coat- Local Mkt.
Pants- Giks.
Shoes- Random vendor.
Handbag- Eld town.
Ring- Dubois rd.


Thanks for stopping by, Toodles!

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9 thoughts on “Baggy Pants &Lace Blazer

  1. If I were a robber,i’d choose to rob you of your amazing pants and cute blazer.The post is on fire

    now maybe you and your beloved followers(if they’re fans of reading) could check out my blog


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