Three Love Buttons


On Thursday was the memorial of my favorite all time musician, it almost slipped my mind but got reminded, spent all day listening to his music. It’s been 6years since He passed on and I still find His music sensational. It’s like He speaks to me through His lyrics and to me He is alive.His music is great, gives me hope, soothes me and makes me feel good. Michael Jackson forever,His memory lives on.

Back to outfit matters. Most of the time when we are dressing up, we tend to wear shoes of a similar color with a handbag or top. It’s a good idea, especially when you don’t want to find yourself in a color clash moment or when you are trying to avoid putting on too many different colors.
On this post, I tried something different which was more of a 90s trend. Colored pumps are vintage and back then they were blended with outfits of different colors. People never used to mind, they just dressed up and looked good.
Wore pink pumps which had a similar color shade with my lipstain.Then there was the light yellow sweater which has three love buttons and Stripped pants. Added pearls, studd earings for a fine touch and a silver ring.
The aspect of color blocking in this outfit gives a playful and exciting feeling. Though I’m a little late on posting this is still a TBT/FBF because of the outfit.The sweater and pants are sort of vintage.
Here’s how I color blocked like the 90s style.







Ring-Dubois rd.
Earings-Random vendor.


Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend. Toodles!


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