Sweater-Dress Mini


Ever been in one of those situations, where you are all dressed up in fuzzy clothes and in many layers.Then thirty minutes later after you’ve walked out of the house the sun come’s out and shines so hot,or it happens the other way round.Like it starts getting cold,clouds turn grey,it rains then it just happens you have no sweater,umbrella or scarf to cover yourself with.It can be quite frustrating and very disappointing.

As a matter of fact it has happened to me many times.Yesterday was one of them,it was all muddy and rainy and wasn’t dressed for such a weather.My clothes were all wet,felt bad but on the bright side now I know that an umbrella and a scarf should always be in my bag.
Uncertain weather made me opt for an attire that suits both cold and hot conditions.It’s a little free, a little heavy,all covered up and showed some leg down.Probably you are wondering where I’m hiding my umbrella at.Ooops,I once again forgot to carry it.Currently setting a reminder on my Phone “carry umbrella”.
I wore a sweater-dress with rubber shoes.Carried a floral sling bag, added studd earings and a ring to my outfit.






Bata Ngomaz-Same Here.
Ring-Dubois rd.

Thanks for reading this,Toodles!


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