Nerdy Tuesday


Happy new month beautiful people…hope you enjoyed your Madaraka Day.We are in the middle of the year and I think it’s about that time I check my new year’s resolutions list and maybe even right new ones.Actually I don’t think there’s a lot to tick on the list.However,here comes June, a wake up call for me to start working on these resolutions.

It’s about to get extremely cold, June and July are the coldest months of the year and at Eldoret we’ve already started experiencing harsh weather conditions.
On the blog Iam still collecting warm and stylish attires,though at times it may get sunny,I’ll be focusing on both conditions.
Sometimes fashion is about mixing two different aspects to create something glamorous. Today I dressed up in contradictory manner.More like a serious student and a little rebellious

.Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.-Jean Cockteau.

Pink blouse with peter pan collars,Geek spectacles and stockings give a serious look.While black lipstict and brown miniskirt brings out a rebel effect in a good way of course.Sweater for the cold weather and edgy boots for the muddy situation in Eldoret. Not forgetting the belt and rings which acts as a highlighting factor of the whole look.







Sweater-Local Mkt.
Rings-Dubois rd.
Skirt-Ngara Mkt.
Stockings-Random vendor.
Boots-Ngara Mkt.



Thanks for stopping by,Toodles!


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