Belt On A Coat


I am still into belts as matter of fact this week I’ve been focusing more on adding the belt to my outfits.I guess I’ll continue doing it till Saturday,coz it’s so chic and comfy.However, the whole point is to show you how you can add the belt on different outfits,for different occasions and how it can save you from being confused on what to wear.

For instance,I wore a stripped bare back dress.But I couldn’t go to class with such an outfit,it just didn’t feel right so I decided to add a colored coat to make my look serious and fun at the same time.But then again the coat was baggy,hanging lose on the dress.
This is where the belt comes in to the rescue,keeping the coat in a desired style and joining it with the dress to create a polished and fine final look.







Stripped Dress-Mabs.
Red Coat-local mkt.
Animal print belt-Local Mkt.
Black wedges-Giks.
Beaded Necklace-Gifted.

Thanks for stopping by,feel free sharing this and other posts.Toodles!


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