Bows & Graffiti


It’s yet another semester filled with much anticipation, time for more books and a little fun.Time is flying so fast,it just feels like we’ve skipped some days overnight.Tomorrow it will be June then September then Xmass.We will be getting into 2016 without even realizing so.

The good news is I’ll get to finish school fast.Hoping it won’t be a tough semester but a fair one to all of us.To all my classmates and friends,may we all have an awesome and great semester ahead!
I am currently in love.Falling deeply in love with a certain color.It’s fun and confusing at the same time.It’s vibrant and it just stirs up my moods,making me happy.It never dissapoints me, blends well with other colours and prints.It’s appealing and makes me wanna wear it everyday.
I’m in love with Peach.It’s not Pink but close to Pink.It’s almost Orange but not.It’s more of a mixture of Pink and Orange.It’s so sweet and gorgeous,stylish too.
I am wearing a Peach-white coat with a Jumpsuit which is printed bows and Black wedges.Carried a graffiti bag and added rings and pearl earings to the outfit.







Coat-Random Vendor in Nrb.
Jumpsuit-Local Mkt.
Rings-Dubois Rd.

Thanks For stopping by,have a wonderful day.Toodles.


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