A Pop Of Purple


I’m still into knits and a little behind on schedule, but good news is I’m done with exams and now I can get back to more blogging. Hip hip! Hurray!

Back then,when I was joining highschool I remember my Mum wanting to buy me bata ngoma rubbers for games and sports,I strongly refused claiming that such rubbers were  old fashioned and meant for the countryside. Looking back I regret for ever being such a stereotype and judgy.
Now I know the importance of ngoma rubbers,awesome type of shoes.I never imagined I would be this in love with rubbers now more than ever.
Rubbers are comfy and versatile can be worn anywhere and anytime.Rubbers are warm and just perfect for this season.
Rubbers are tough and long lasting they don’t tear easily,good for rocky and muddy ground.Rubbers are stylish fit well with every attire.Apparently rubbers are unisex, men are also wearing bata ngoma’z and looking good.Rubbers are a must have,try them out and find out why everyone is currently into them.
I wore my bata ngoma’z with a stripped pencil skirt and knitted sweater,wore a purple polo neck top underneath my knitted sweater.For some reason I felt like carrying this sling bag which my sister got me, it’s so special I’ve always kept it and never used it.







Polo neck top-Local Mkt.
Skirt-Ngara mkt.



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