Polka On A Pole


Fashion blogging has brought about changes in my life.I’m getting confident by the day. I’m becoming open to new ideas, the urge to try out weird fun things is getting stronger each day I’m dressing up. I feel more free and happy than I used to,the photoshoots always put me in an excited mood and make my each day wonderful.

It’s like I’ve changed to a whole new person and every challenge makes me get tougher and more goal-oriented kinda person.I’m so greatful for all your support, friends and family you motivate me every time I get your whatapp messages on how you pleased with my work.
Your views make me smile and add oomph to my work everyday.Thanks a lot to all who share my work among their friends.Feel free to continue sharing my work through the social icons below or via my Facebook status updates on my page-Graciemj Odawo.
Remember,the post I did few months ago on sweatshirt and skirts?If  you missed out you can have a look HERE.Today I’m wearing a blue graffiti sweatshirt with a polka dotted mini-round skirt and edgy boots.Apart from pleated,pencil and ruffle skirts, sweatshirt can also work well with polka dots.I tried out a turban tie and just fell in Iove with it.Tied my turban out of a polka dotted scarf which accentuated the whole outfit.
Taking pictures by the pole was just amazing considering the pole itself added colorful theme to my outfit.My handbag made friends quite fast with the pole,giving awesomeness to the photoshoot.
More sweatshirt tips will be up on the blog soon.Enjoy …







Bag-Local vendor.

Thanks for reading this,Toodles!


4 thoughts on “Polka On A Pole

  1. Hi your blog is amazing..and so far this is my fav though i haven’t looked at all of em..this look is edgy and chic..a bit daring too since I to be particular sweat shirts paired with skirts is a no go zone for me..love your style girl!


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