Ivory White,Black&shamrock Green


Just as there are bad hair days,there are also bad photoshoot days.Ever been in a situation where you are so psyched up for a photoshoot but you don’t get a good spot for taking photos even after searching for hours?

By a good spot I mean where sunshine is not too much,at the same time gives enough light for the camera,or where the background is attractive but doesn’t get too much attention than you who is the main focus of the camera.
Today was one of those days,every good spot I had in mind turned out to be a bad spot.However my friend and I didn’t give up that easily we kept trying around till we ended taking this few shots.I didn’t let my frustration take over my confidence and passion for photography. We kept trying and changing location and finally our efforts paid off.Not as detailed and bright as expected but at least I got pics to post today.
I wore a white and black lace top with a round mini-skirt and black stilettos. Added green earings.The top is ivory white while the skirt designed in three colors, ivory white,shamrock green and black. The two make a classy combo of colors with a feminine touch from stilettos.







Lace top-Ngara.

Thanks for stopping by, Toodles!


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