Bloggers’ Challenge


When, I was starting of in blogging the first person I was introduced to in the field of Fashion And Style,was Lucia Musau,the Kenyan Fashionado.I found out about her blog through my big Siz.

Her elegant work on her blog has been a huge inspiration to me,her posts are a source of encouragement, seeing where she started at and how far she has come.Her most impetus blog post is Where I started .This post made me learn that patience is indeed a virtue,also being strong and working hard is key.
Iam most happy to take part in her Blogger’s Giveaway Challenge,in conjunction with Hello food.Basically it’s a challenge for those who own a blog,in order to participate one has to answer a few questions as I’ve done below.
Hello food is a food delivery service website, set up to offer services in Nairobi areas.Hello food makes our life easier by being convenient and amazing, in that it offers a variety of cuisines in collaboration with many popular restaurants;steers,China plate,Brew Bristo just to mention but a few.It’s fun and reliable due to the cuisines offered such as Italian dishes,Seafood,Chinese, Pastries e.t.c.Ordering food is easy due to their simple Google app on play store,with online menus and no extra charges upon food delivered.For more information about hello food visit their website- www.hellofood.co.ke
For more better services I suggest Hello Food to do more adverts through,t.v,blogs and social media platforms,so as to reach out to people who haven’t yet known about Hello food.They could also give out holiday vouchers through challenges to gain more attention and to make their services exciting.
Onto Lucia’s blog I would like to see more challenge features and giveaways for those bloggers who haven’t gained exposure.May she also feature more travel diaries as part of Fashion&,Style.
Please share this post on your Facebook timeline/instagram/twitter and invite your friends to have a look.Let’s win this!

It was quite windy which made the whole shoot exciting and fun.




Today I am wearing;a red cropp-ed top with a blue rah-rah skirt and edgy boots.Accesorized my outfit by adding silvery ring,short necklace,and earings to the look.Carried a black leather bag which paired up well with the boots.



This how the crop top came to be.

From Top-Bottom
Crop top-Mabs-Eld.
Skirt-Ng’ara mkt.
All jewelry pieces-I sell jeweleries.
Special thanks to my friend Loise.
Thanks for stopping by,Wish me luck,Toodles!


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