Raspberry Red

Happy New Month… Red Feb Greetings!!!

The month of love is here,time for men to get poetic and quite romantic with words and songs.Good news for us ladies coz flowers oooh yeah roses will be in high demand more smiles across the world.Yes it is the month for manna to drop down from heaven in form of chocolate and wine,all for us ladies.

” Red is such an interesting color to
correlate with emotion, because it’s on
both ends of the spectrum. On one end
you have happiness, falling in love,
infatuation with someone, passion, all
that. On the other end, you’ve got
obsession, jealousy, danger, fear, anger
and frustration”.Taylor Swift
Possible events are:birthdays,engagements,weddings,celebration of marriage anniversary and renewal of marital vows.However there’s also the possibility of breakups (nothing to be worried about)cupid will be watching over you ofcos with love arrows in place, he will hook you up good.It’s a red month with many different meanings but love gets most palette.
Don’t get it mixed up,I won’t be giving relationship advise or acting all Doctor love.On this month I will be concentrating on red attires. There will be many many red up on this blog in terms of outfits.Not too much red,just a little dressed along with other different colors.Especially neutral colors that simply match with red I.e black,grey and white.Be it official wear or casual wear, red will be part of the whole look.
For that matter, let’s all explore on all the red wear we have and hey it doesn’t have to be on 14th only.






Iam wearing, a raspberry red chiffon blouse with a black&grey printed miniskirt,and black stilletos.The fact that one can't tell whether the blouse is pink or red, is captivating,fun and exciting.

Stay tuned on my blog for more colorful and fun outfits and posts coming soon.Thanks for reading this,Toodles!


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