Need To Have Basis

Hey Beautiful people…

Imagine one of those days when you’ve woken up late,or when you are in a dilemma and confused in deciding what to wear,or in another instance most of your clothes are dirty,well need not to worry.

In your closet always have a stripped t-shirt or a white t-shirt in store for ‘panic days’.The stripped t-shirt goes well with most down attires and is easy to wear without being stressed about making a good match with something else especially if it is the white and black type.its simple,cool and makes an exciting combo with all skirt types.
Be it a short-round skirt or a bandage,a pencil skirt or bubble skirt,a denim skirt or a leather skirt,a maxi skirt or just a straight long skirt,a rah-rah skirt or skater skirt,stripped is definitely the best t-shirt for this skirts.However be cautious the skirt shouldn’t be printed cause it can get tricky and weird.Here are a few looks on stripped with different types of skirts:

Stripped T with a blue rah-rah skirt and ankle boots. A vibrant casual wear for sunny days n outdoor hangouts with friends.


Stripped T with a pencil Mini-skirt and heels. Official look when a blazer is added.

Stripped T with a leather ruffle skirt and combat boots.It's a simple yet stylish outfit fit for Fridays and Sartudays.

Stripped T tied at the Midriff forming a mid-length crop top,worn with a bandage skirt and black wedges.The outfit is best fit for both night and day.

Not that trousers don’t go well with stripped T,they do so well but it’s just too common.The best part about the stripped T is that it has no weather or age restriction,also fits beautifully into most occasions.Stripped T can also be used interchangeably with a white T-shirt.
Try a stripped T with a skirt today and see how amaizing and smart you’ll look.Stripped t-shirt is a must have.
Thanks for stopping by,Toodles!

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