Knitty Cosy

Hey Beautiful people…

Meanwhile, in Eldoret the weather is getting unpredictable by the hour.Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. The sun could be shinning so bright and at the same time it could be so cold and windy.One is forced to carry both scarfs and sunglasses in her handbag,’Just incase’…Iam just crossing my fingers,hoping there would be no rains during this semester.

Otherwise everything else has been good, I finished unpacking and settling in my current town.Not forgetting the warm welcoming reunions with classmates and friends,hanging out and endless storytelling, it’s been great.
BTW, it’s about that time,time for me to wear hats cause my braids are falling off, and my hairstyle is getting quite shaggy.

Quick advice, hats are a must have for every lady.Bad hair days are always gonna be there, so whenever you are shopping for clothes pick a hat and keep it well

I’m wearing; a knitted sweater which is cosy on both a cold and sunny day.With Navy-Blue 3quater pants and black wedges. I accessorized my outfit with silvery earrings, silver ring and a chunky silvery key-Chain. The silver adds vibrance and fun to the knitted sweater theme.To polish up my look I carried a Navy-Blue handbag and wore a Navy-Blue hat for my ‘quite shaggy hair’.







Sweater-Ngara Mkt.
Pants-Ngara Mkt.
Jewelry pieces-I sell -em.
Thanks for reading this,Toodles!


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