Hey Beautiful people…
Sweatshirts are arguably a type of sweater that are mostly intended for sports or casual wear.Actually this is a post which I did months ago on my previous website.I’ll be moving more post here.

Sweatshirts have always been there but for a certain unknown reason they are currently trending in Nairobi..Like I say-

“Nothing never really goes out of fashion”.

I had this idea of sweatshirt and skirts but somewhere,someone else had the same idea but the difference was in style.
Here are a few unique looks on sweatshirt and skirts:


More of a school girl look,Where sweatshirt can be worn with a pleated skirt.Boyfriend shoes pair up well with grey official blouse and black knee-high socks.The headgear highlights the whole outfit by giving it a pretty girlish look.
A sweatshirt can also work as an official attire,when worn with a pencil skirt(neutral coloured) and pumps.Such a simple and modern look is best for an evening meeting,work days and coffee date.



This outfit can serve you well for both daytime and at night.It's made up of a sweatshirt, leather ruffle skirt and combat boots.The bowtie adds a daring but fun touch to the look.



Sweatshirts are not only meant for boys and have no age limit.Sweatshirts match well with all types of skirts and can be exciting when pairing up with different types of shoes for different occasions.Rem- to a pick a lighter sweatshirt if you are planning to wear it on a sunny day.Stay tuned on my blog for more sweatshirt tips.
Thanks for stopping by,Toodles!


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