X-Pression Ultra

Hey Beautiful people.. Happy New month.PicsArt_1420828939485

Happy New Year!This greeting will probably last through out January,everywhere you go and you meet someone,’haapy new year’ is the first thing you tell each.Even the ‘hallos’ on phone calls have turned into ‘happy new year’.Moreover it’s a good sigh,and creates an optimistic attitude for 2015.Continue spreading the joy.

Now this comes as quite a surprise,me doing braids.Back in 2014 I swore never to do braids ever again and that I’ll forever stick to weaves,but a new year comes with changes.Esspecially cause one of 2015 resolutions is; to try out different hairstlyes and be very unpredictable.I’ve always had phobia for braids,what if my hair falls of with the hairpiece?That would be a double loss.Not forgetting the fatigue, back ache that comes about due to sitting for long hours.Waaaa…and the migranes?!This are most probably the reasons towards me fearing braids.Hmmm but here comes 2015,year for taking risks and perseverance.Yes pretty hurts,for beauty one has to endure pain.

Last Sunday woke up very early and went to Kenyatta Market to get my hair done.Had to wake up so early because it’s January,salons get so filled up for back2school services.Fortunately me and my sisters have a trusted saloonist,I was safe from cons and persuasions from other saloonists who eagerly wait for women at the busstop(those who’ve had the kinda experience I’m talking about, know what I mean).And it’s not like I’m trying to give a bad image for Kenyatta Mkt,please don’t get me wrong.Infact the place is well known for quick braiding and good services when you find a trustworthy saloonist.

Was there by 9.30a.m and by 1p.m my hair was done.I chose twists style since I’ll be all alone when a time for undoing it comes.Picked 1/350 as my hairpiece colour,my colour had always been 900 but ever since it got so popular I figured that no350 also matches my skin colour and it was about time for some change.The Hairpiece is popularly known as Ultra X-pression,it’s quite an exciting and fun Hairpiece to use for braids .I’m  always fascinated by the curls and waves,that’s why I like my braids dipped in hot-water for the final look.

The hairstyle turned out so neat and pretty and I just loved it,though I had a headache I’m happy with this style.





IMG_20150109_210651 IMG_20150109_210810 PicsArt_1420828664133 PicsArt_1420876540747

Now this is the part where I say;Be free and open to new ideas,try out a different style once in a while.It feels nice when you change a daily routine and great when you give people what they least expected from you.

Supa-awesome Saturday guys,Enjoy your weekend!


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